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Awards and Recognitions:

  • Voice Arts Award Nominations - Audiobook, Teens, Best Voiceover (2015, 2016, 2017), Audiobook, Short Story Anthology, Best Voiceover (2017)

  • YALSA Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults Top Ten Selection - Wink Poppy Midnight (2017)

  • YALSA Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults Nominations (2012, 2015, 2017)

  • AudioFile Earphones Award Winner - The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone (2014)

  • Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award - Ernestine, Catastrophe Queen (2019)

  • Audible's YA Five-Star Listener Favorites - World After (2013)



Caitlin is a voiceover artist and award-winning audiobook narrator. She is the voice of a number of popular audiobook series including the House of Night, Penryn & the End of Days, Dragon Blood, The Warrior Chronicles, and The Talon Saga.  Caitlin has narrated books for Audible, Blackstone, Brilliance, Hachette, Harper, Listening Library, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Podium Publishing, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, and Tantor Audio. Visit for a list of books narrated by Caitlin. Listen to samples and read reviews below:

Voiceover & Audiobook Samples:

What listeners are saying:

Reviews for Angelfall by Susan Ee 

Caitlin Davies does a masterful job as narrator. This tale is told from the point of view of Penryn. She not only nails the voice, but also performs the interchange of dialog among the characters masterfully. - Joe's Geek Fest

The audio was brilliant, one of the best I've heard, Caitlin Davies did a five star job! - Nomalicious Reads

The narrator for the audio is so perfectly cast...she truly brings this story to life. I've never listened to another book performed by Caitlin Davies, but I have faith that if I ever do, that audiobook will also be perfection. - The Starry-Eyed Revue

You guys, I also need to tell you about Caitlin Davies. She is the narrator for Angelfall, and she made the story explode from an overload of fabulousness. Susan Ee's writing is awesome on its own, but Davies really brought the characters to life. The voices of the various characters were diverse without sounding silly, and there's not much I love more than listening to a narrator and being able to tell which character is speaking without "_____said" nonsense. - Bibliophilia, Please

Caitlin Davies did an excellent job with her narration. She portrayed Penryn and the other characters so well. She had Raffe's arrogance down, Penryn's mother's insanity, and even the childlike voice of Paige was perfect! Caitlin really captured so many of the emotions of this novel as well, from the desperation, need to survive, and the sarcastic humor I loved so much... I highly recommend the Audio. - Lost in Literature


Reviews for Destined: A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Caitlin Davies is AMAZING, simply epic and I loved her reading style. She brought every character to life in their own way, personalities for me just shined with her reading. She could change from one character to the next with ease and beautifully. No two characters sounded alike and this awed me - she is truly a very talented reader. Caitlin definitely renewed my interest for these characters and I enjoyed listening to her. If you are a H.O.N fan audio is a fantastic way to bring the characters to life and you could not get a better reader then Caitlin Davies to do this for you. - Just One Opinion

Reviews for Girls With Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young

Caitlin Davies shines as narrator of this first audiobook in a new dystopian series… Davies realistically vocalizes each of the girls’ individual temperaments as they grow from carefully cultivated personalities to young women who are fully awakened to the true nature of their school. Her ability to keep each voice distinct during dialogue is to be commended. Listeners will be thoroughly drawn into Mena’s world. - AudioFile Magazine

Listening to this book was exciting, suspenseful, and it made me want to yell “GIRL POWER!” from the rooftops. It helps that the narrator, Caitlin Davies, portrays the characters distinctly, so that you are immersed in the shut off academy in the mountains. There are definite times where I got lost in Mena’s world so much so, that I didn’t even realize it was one single person narrating each one of the characters. -’s The Audioblog (Staff Pick)

Reviews for Ohio by Stephen Markley

The cast of narrators provides important texture, especially Corey Brill (Pete Anderson on the Walking Dead) as Bill Ashcraft, a drug-addled revolutionary with a maladjusted moral compass, and award-winning voice actor Caitlin Davies as Tina Ross - once abused by her high-school boyfriend and his friends, now ready to exact revenge.” - Jenni Laidman, “The Best Audiobooks of 2018 (so far),”- Vulture.

Reviews for The Lost Flower Children by Janet Taylor Lisle

Caitlin Davies does a beautiful job of keeping the tone light and mysterious. She captures the protectiveness of Olivia, the whiny pitch of Nellie and the gentle soothings of Aunt Minty. Well done! - Martha's Bookshelf


Reviews for Talon (The Talon Saga, Book 1) by Julie Kagawa

TALON is told in three POVs with three narrators: Caitlin Davies as Ember, MacLeod Andrews as Garret (and a short stint as the voice of a dragon), and Chris Patton as Riley.... Each of the narrators did a terrific job capturing the essence of the characters and bringing them to life. Their voices were clear and distinct and I was able to easily differentiate between the characters from their performances. The production was well-paced. The cast of narrators positively enhanced the production. I was so intrigued by their performances that I worked out even longer than normal and squeezed in extra workouts to give me more TALON listening time. - Reading Between the Wines Book Club

Caitlin Davies was such a perfect pick for Ember. She was great at all the different voices and I loved how she sounded like a teen girl.... This cast of narrators did an outstanding job with this performance! - Mostly YA Book Obsessed

All of the voice actors in this did a really good job, but I have to say that Caitlin Davies stood out! - Cornerfolds


Reviews for Burned: A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

BURNED is just as addicting as the previous books in the series. Starting from the beginning moments with Zoey witnessing Heath's murder, Caitlin is able to keep the pace of the story fast and heart-pounding. Ms. Davies has a youthful quality to her voice that brings each of the characters alive. She convincingly portrays each of the characters, female and male alike. It was easy to keep track of which character was speaking simply by the inflection Ms. Davies utilized. Her voice was a pleasure to listen to and kept me entertained up until the final chapter on disk 10. - Jaglvr for Teens Read Too


Reviews for The Death Code: Book Two in The Murder Complex Series by Lindsay Cummings

I listened to book one and two on audio, and the narrator Caitlin Davies, one of my all time favorite narrators, really gives this sequel it's well deserved voice. - Addicted Readers

Reviews for None of the Above by I. W. Gregorio

Caitlin Davies' narration adds another dimension to this experience, perfectly capturing the intensity and overwhelming emotion Kristin is facing. She brings each of the characters to life, able to differentiate between the characters with ease. - Jenn's Bookshelves

Narrator Caitlin Davies transforms what could be a didactic novel into an emotional journey. High school senior Kristin Lattimer has an adoring boyfriend, a sports scholarship, many friends, and a surprising homecoming queen win. Then painful first sex sends her to a doctor who discovers she's intersex. At that point, Davies's initial portrayal of Kristin's confident openness crumbles to confusion. Poignancy builds as Kristin's entire school learns of her condition. Davies's depiction of the resulting high school horrors is heartbreaking... - AudioFile Magazine

The narrator was fabulous. I have listened to other books narrated by her, so I was pretty confident that I would enjoy it. She does a good job at putting the emotion into the characters while she is reading and making you almost feel like they are the ones really telling you the story. - Xpresso Reads


Reviews for Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

Caitlin Davies’ Poppy sounds exactly like a teen queen—honeyed, deep, intense, and manipulative... The most captivating part of the narration is the shift in the characters’ voices as the story progresses. As we learn more about the true nature of the characters, the narrators slightly change the way they speak. This change is so subtle and well executed that the listener doesn’t realize it has happened until all of the story’s secrets are revealed—making for a captivating story in which nothing is exactly what it seems. - Becca Boland, Booklist, Starred Review

I really couldn’t stop listening! The narrators were Michael Crouch, Alicyn Packard and Caitlin Davies, none of which I had ever listened to before and I really enjoyed each narrator’s voice for their selected character. I actually think I liked Poppy’s voice the most because there was so much extra inflection for her character to really bring her personality to life. The narrators actually kept me hooked to the story which was great! I wonder if I had read this in print if I would have been as involved. - The Book Addicts Guide

Narrators Michael Crouch, Alicyn Packard, and Caitlin Davies portray each character's unique personality with great passion in this eerie and mystical tale of three teens who are seeking to understand themselves... Davies adds an energetic and bossy attitude that fits perfectly with Poppy... With a mix of drama and intrigue, this listen is sure to captivate. - AudioFile Magazine

The narrators did a great job in bringing out the nature of each character... I feel I would have gotten a different and less potent imagery of this story if I had read a physical copy. I think the audiobook did it a lot of clarity bringing out the voice of the characters. - Cubicle Blindness Review

Reviews for Starless by Jaqueline Carey

Caitlin Davies did a great job with this book - a truly top notch performance. She provided so many different accents, keeping all of the characters unique. Plenty of emotions, subtle and not, were on display in this tale and Davies gave them all their due. I especially enjoyed the valiant Mayfly. 5/5 stars. - Dab of Darkness

Reviews for Semiosis by Sue Burke

Narrators Daniel Thomas May and Caitlin Davies breathe life into the large cast of Burke’s debut science fiction… May and Davies both excel at utilizing accents, inflections, and personality traits to quickly build characterizations. The unusual cadence and inflections used for the aliens work to captivating effect. - AudioFile Magazine

The audiobook edition of Semiosis was performed by Daniel Thomas May and Caitlin Davies, and between the two of them they covered the half dozen or so perspectives featured in this novel… the narrators did very well, utilizing varied accents and inflections to portray the different characters of each generation so that each person felt like they had a distinct and unique voice. - The BiblioSanctum

The narration was done by Caitlin Davies and Daniel Thomas May and I thought they did a really nice job. It made this 14-hour book fly by and a breeze to listen to. - Brian’s Book Blog

Reviews for Awakened: A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

The brightest spot of this audiobook for me is the narration by Caitlin Davies. She does an amazing job voicing this cast of both teens and adults. She also has a great ability to convey both the joy and sorrow that this book contains. - Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books

Yes! Awakened was once more narrated by Caitlin Davies. She does an amazing job capturing everyone in the story, and leaves listeners eagerly wanting even more from the HOUSE OF NIGHT. - Teens Read Too


Reviews for End of Days: Penryn & The End of Days Trilogy by Susan Ee

Since Penryn's voice is such a strong one, the story needed a narrator that could capture that. Luckily this series has kept the same excellent narrator for all three books... I felt as if I were listening to Penryn tell ME the story, which is always a good sign. Being completely pulled into an audiobook is what makes it such an excellent medium for ingesting a story, and Caitlin Davies was able to breathe life into every character. - Ex Libris


Reviews for Suddenly Royal by Nicole Chase

Narrator Caitlin Davies did a wonderful job with this book. Suddenly Royal is told in first person from Samantha's point of view and Davies captures Samantha's blend of innocence and intelligence perfectly.... I was really pleased with Davies' depiction of Alex. Since she has a voice that is somewhat high, and definitely light, I was worried that she would have difficulty speaking for the male characters. Alex is given an accent that was close to British, and a deeper tone than used for Samantha. This worked remarkably well. All Lilarians are given an accent similar to the one Davies chose for Alex. However, it was easy to tell the characters apart.... I really enjoyed the interaction between Sam and Alex. There's a certain lightheartedness to their exchanges. Sam wants simply to be friends and, even though we know Alex wants something more, he is patient with her. When she finally gives into her feelings, a certain warmth is added to their exchanges.... They are cherishing the experience, and Davies allows the listener to do the same. - AudioGals


Reviews for Hidden: A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Hidden is narrated by Caitlin Davies. I have grown to easily love her voice. In the House of Night there are just so many different voices and she does everyone so perfectly. - Anna's Book Blog

I always enjoy audio books read by Caitlin Davies shes very dynamic and grips your attention from the start. A wonderful, wonderful talent that brings each character to life. - Just One Opinion


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